Created in conjunction with Gaby Brink and Nathalie Destandau, The Living Principles for Design framework guides designers in their efforts to align their activities with the natural world. It resides on the AIGA site as a roadmap for how the idea of "design" is refracted through the lens of sustainability, the defining issue of our time.

The Living Principles is based on triple-bottom-line reporting with the addition of a "cultural" stream to help designers understand the power they have to further people's understanding of the complex dynamics that surround sustainable communications efforts.

The Living Principles were born from the AIGA Center for Sustainable Design task force and were formally introduced in 2009. They have also since served as AIGA design competition evaluation criteria and as a critical assessment tool in design education.
Living Principles GAIN presentation

The Living Principles Webcast 

Living Principles overview from Design Observer

Living Principles logo, icons and roadmap designed by Tomorrow Partners

Pods image courtesy Guy Welch Productions
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