I usually wind up writing pretty much everything. Whether it's a creative brief, carefully integrated curriculum or a tersely-written eMail, it usually falls to me to put words to whatever is afoot. Most of this currently takes the form of curriculum (and is thus behind a firewall), but there are a few items out in the wild:

Communication Arts Environment Column "Everything You Know is Wrong"
Communication Arts Environment Column "Are Sustainable Yet?"
Communication Arts Environment Column "Getting the (Living Principles) Conversation Started"

The Living Principles Roadmap on AIGA website
Living Principles overview from Design Observer
(with Gaby Brink and Nathalie Destandau)

The Business of Sustainability by Scott G. MacNall, James C. Hershauer, and George Basile
Volume 2, Chapter 4 "Redesigning the Bottom Line" (with Barbara Sudick, CSU Chico)
ISBN: 978-0313-38494-3

AIGA SF incarceration video hashtag campaign

AAU School of Graphic Design Mission Statement (below)

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